Driving Ms. Gwenny

All packed and ready

Arriving at our first destination


NOTICE: The regular content of this blog will be temporarily suspended while I follow Gwen Marston’s travels through California. Gwen arrived in California on February 7 and spent a week with Freddy Moran in Orinda. Sunday, February 15, I picked Gwen up at Freddy’s house and drove her to the Santa Barbara Quilt Retreat.

DSCN2422DSCN2417Ventura, CA


Gwen pointing out a design detail on her quilt



Gwen was the featured teacher for four days, lecturing and demonstrating her liberated quilting techniques to a rapt and appreciative audience of a dozen quilters. The retreat was titled Abstract Quilts in Solids. Below are a few of Gwen’s quilts.




DSCN2380DSCN2379Gwen Gwen


Morning lectures were followed by work days (and some evenings), with each of us attempting to incorporate all of Gwen’s ideas and lessons into our own quilts.

Caroline contemplating her pieces

Caroline contemplates her pieces


Liz talking about her quilt top

Liz told us how her phone case inspired her quilt design.









Somewhere around the third day we started seeing quilt designs in our food.

Triangles everywhere

Wouldn’t those triangles look great in a quilt…?!


Below are quilts/pieces from show and tell today. (***Dear Fellow Quilters: please forgive me if I left anyone out.)

Jean's quilt

Jean’s quilt




Claire and Gwen

Claire and Gwen in front of Claire’s quilt


Andrea's work

Andrea’s quilt


Maggie's work

Maggie’s quilt




Gwen and Madilyn

Gwen and Madilyn

Helen's work

Helen’s small pieces – left to right, top to bottom – moving from prints to solids

Sharon's work

Sharon’s quilt and small studies

Gwen with Lucy

Gwen and Lucy

Small studies - 4 grey and a stray

My 4 small grey studies and a stray
















Irelle's work

Irelle’s quilt










And so, seeing that her work was done in Santa Barbara, Gwen packed her bags and we headed off to her next destination: Asilomar.

On the road with Gwenny

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  1. Lolly says:

    What fun for you and her,too. Can’t wait to read your next posting

  2. Frieda Wisshack says:

    Wonderful!!! S
    o glad you are posting your traveling quilt show/classes :)

  3. avanbalen says:

    I am so jealous! Big hugs to you both :)

  4. Barbara says:

    I’m jealous too, but I know I’ll see you both soon!

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