Eté 2016!

IMG_9277The summer is coming to an end and I have not done much quilting  but I have done a lot of traveling and gathering of ideas, images and inspiration.IMG_9213

I always get renewed when I spend time in Pradelles,  the village where I was born and spent my first 10 years.  Pradelles is in Auvergne in what the French call La France profonde, or the essential France, and when i am in the villages and the beautiful countryside I have profound experiences.  In Langogne, seven kilometers away from Pradelles, I visited again La Filature des Calquières (a spinning mill dating from the 19th century) and was amazed by the beauty of the old machinery.  There IMG_9221were a couple quilts hanging in the entrance.  Very traditional patterns but with very French fabric — especially the red quilt with Provençal designs.IMG_9217

I also found a new store in Langogne that would delight any quilter.  Croch’ et Fil: Mercerie, Patchwork, Points Comptés et Broderies.  Nadine Chazalette, the owner, was delightful and very open.  Together we fantasized about having workshops with American and French students.








Bouquet de fleurs sauvages

Late June in Auvergne is a delight of wild flowers.  My cousin Noël taught me a trick that I am happy to share:  pick red poppies (coquelicots) still in bud, put them in a vase and they will open in a few days and last quite a few more.


Mon trés grand cousin Noël








Back in Berkeley the end of the summer is marked by the Solano Stroll. I will have a booth with the quilts from my  Harbor House students: Jane from Korea, Bunlay from Cambodia and Gisela from Mexico.  Be sure to come by and say hello.  We will be at the same spot as last year: booth 37 at the corner of Neilson.

sas postcard(jpg)


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