Field Trip at the Oakland Museum

IMG_7910At the end of each semester i have taken the habit of bringing my students from Harbor House on a field trip to get inspired while seeing art, beauty and other quilters’ work. Last year we went to the San José Quilt Museum and in June it was the Rose Garden of Oakland to get inspiration and ideas for our “Rose Quilt”.

IMG_7913Yesterday we went to the Oakland Museum of Art to see Yo-Yos & Half Squares: Contemporary California Quilts.

Both Bunlay and Jane work mostly with cotton fabrics making quilts that can be used, washed and dried. There was a lot of “I would never do that!” but nonetheless we were all fascinated and taken by the beauty of those 20 quilts.  The description of the exhibit captured exactly our feelings:” these quilts are unique artworks that expand the notions of craft through exuberant artistic expression”.


The exhibit runs through February 21, 2016.  Be sure to go, you will not be disappointed.  We also popped in the Pacific Worlds exhibit where another kind of fabric was displayed: barkcloth. The designs painted on the cloths are another source of inspiration for geometric patterns. Check this show out too!

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