Giraffe Quilt

IMG_8165My friend Lisa wanted to give a quilt to a little kid that is really important in her life, Westley, 1 year old.  I suggested that we’d do a trade –i want to retile my outdoor table and that is one thing she and her husband can help me with.

back of the quilt with very soft giraffe flannel

Back of the quilt with very soft giraffe flannel

Lisa came to my sewing room and grabbed fabrics from my stash.  Not really kid fabric, but a great combination of batik and prints.  Actually there was a print of birds and one of dragonflies that made the quilt get a “kid friendly look”.  In a hour we had it down.  Took a picture and we agreed that a flannel with some kind of kid friendly design would be the best for the back.  I found a great giraffe flannel at Broadway Quilts in Sonoma

I quilted the quilt with a couple giraffes, a dragonfly, and a ladybird inspired by Kathy Sandbach’s Show me how to Machine Quilt, a fun, no-mark Approach.  That way the front of the quilt was a bit more kid friendly.

IMG_8167 IMG_8166IMG_8169




When i presented the quilt to Lisa, her son noticed that i had misspelled the name of the kid it should read Wesley, no T! That’s the beauty of sewing you can always take it out and redo it! and of course I did!!!!

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  1. avanbalen says:

    Sweet and I don’t think a 1 year old can spell his name. But good you were thinking future!

  2. Lovely quilting! so fitting for kids..

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