Improv Wooly


Rainy day

Today was a lovely, wet day – perfect for enjoying my finished Improv Wooly Quilt.

It didn’t start out an improv quilt.

Inspired by a piece of fabric, I gathered a few some colors and started cutting rectangles.

Wool, rectangles and fabric inspiration

Wool with fabric inspiration

and then a few squares….

Wool fabrics and a few squares


I tried putting the squares and rectangles together…..

Squares and rectangles

Squares and rectangles

Meh. Nothing really grabbed me and the project languished until a friend gave me 3 1/2 yards of a wool plaid and about a half yard of dark blue wool. The plaid had many of the same colors of my stalled quilt and the navy blue added the contrast I was missing with my original color selection.

Wool plaid

Wool plaid


I decided to use as much of the plaid as possible and created the inside panel from pieces of my original squares and rectangles, navy blue and a bit of lime green thrown in for interest.

And voila! The Improv Wooly emerged.

Improv Wooly

Improv Wooly


The quilt is huge – 67″ x 74″ – compared to the smallish quilts I’ve been making lately but it’s heavy and warm and perfect for a rainy winter night. Even the back is improv – made from leftover blue flannel pieces.

New Year's 2016 Improv Wooly

Front of Improv Wooly

Back of wooly


I’m linking up with crazy mom quilts for finish it up Friday.

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